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Future of Work Articles from VFC and friends


Brendan Coady

Brendan Coady is a Mechanical Engineer and Product Designer who has worked with hardware startups for the past 7 years. He is now a 

Lateefa Farah

A content creator who has a passion for listening and sharing people’s inspirational stories,, as well as curating quality content that adds value to our society.

Photo of Erica Ormiston
Erica Ormiston

Atlantic Canadian with a passion for celebrating her region, work-integrated learning and curating content for future entrepreneurs. 

Juanita Lee Garcia

Creator of solutions for complex systems and problems in education, consumer spaces and innovative industries. Driven by connecting people with knowledge and new ways of...

Stewart Hillhouse

Stewart Hillhouse is a 2017 Venture for Canada Alumni, and he currently works at Customer Camp as Head of Audience of Growth.

Tolu Aibana

Tolu Aibana is a 2018 Venture for Canada fellow, who believes in creating positive change through greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence. She’s passionate...

Brittany Danishevsky

Brittany Danishevsky (she/her) is a 2017 Fellow Alumni, and she currently works as Software Developer at Financeit.

Alex Baccellieri

Alex Baccellieri (she/her) is a 2018 Fellow Alumni,...

Photo of Adrienne Clement
Adrienne Clement

Adrienne Clement is a 2017 Venture for Canada Fellow Alumni, and she currently works as a Venture Manager at Creative Destruction Lab.

Gina Patterson

Over 10 years of designing work integrated learning programs. Innovator, lover of challenges and surfer (when it isn’t so cold).